Hello Everyone, I am Ms. Trina Jackson, Founder of,

“Trina, God Is Pleased”

My company is dedicated to God by providing a grocery bag full of healthy food items, clothing wear, and an occasional hot meal. Trina God Is Pleased is located at 1528 E. 63rd St., Chicago, Illinois. We meet every 2nd Saturday of each month at 12:00 pm. Our goal is to help meet the area community’s homeless resident’s needs.

I was once homeless and know what it feels like to be out on the streets looking for a safe place to lay your head at night, to look for a hot meal, to be in need of clean clothing, in order to feel whole and secure.

Over time I became tired of how I was living. I knew there was better and so much more in life out there for me than my present condition. I knew deep down inside my life had a purpose and a meaning but I was not sure of what that was.

One day I cried out to God and he answered my prayers. I told him that when I get back on my feet and get my life in order that I was going to turn back and help those in need just as myself. Well, he heard me and purposed me on my journey.

This journey started out with just me and the Lord. Many people during that process helped me greatly along the way. I saw an opportunity open up to the promise that I had made.

I posted on social media, Facebook, and word of mouth that I was in need of assistance to feed the homeless. I received help with feeding and at times I was the only one there but I did not let this deter me. I would still set the tables & food up to feed the people when they came. I was determined and prepared to SERVE. It started out with a few people coming to serve a multitude of people.

Over time I built a dedicated staff to assist me. The dream I envisioned over 5 years ago never stops revealing itself to me daily until this day.

In that small voice that only you know, I heard God say, “Trina, God Is Pleased”. This is how my business got its name.

Thank You

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