People Reviews

Daphne Coleman

That is a beautiful thing your doing out there; I know God is pleased. 🙏🏾 Congratulations again

Dian Lang-Oke

I’m so proud of the founder of this outreach ministry. Any and all donations to this outreach ministry Will be given to the people that need it. I know firsthand because I volunteer with my son. God is pleased Trina.

Ms. Daphne C.

That is a beautiful thing your doing out there. I know God is pleased. Congratulations again.

Bryant K. Williams

I heard about this mission serval years on face and book and through the welcoming from sister Trina .please feel free to contact me via email or phone . if i can help in any compacity. I pray for the great work that has transpired.. God’s servant. Minister Bryant k Williams

Tiffany Duncan

Love you

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