My Testimony

Trina before and after picture

The Before & After Me

Hello, my name is Ms. Trina M. Jackson. I once was homeless, living on the streets and in abandoned buildings. I was captured by drugs and the lifestyle it presented.

I was living in a stuck frame of mind. Due to this I was in and out of prison and missing out on precious time from parenting my children.

I had become tired of living in misery to where I asked God to, “help me”. He then led me to N.A., where I met some very loving and caring people.

I never forgot where I came from and the kindness others showed me. As I grew in strength, I reached out to help others, with the help from a friend.

I posted on social media for a helping hand to feed and provide the same resources to others that helped me. That was 5 years ago. Through rain, snow and heat we were out there caring for others.

I have a team that includes family, friends and let us not forget the youth that come out to help and to keep them out of trouble.

Please feel free to list what your before & after Testimony is after receiving help through our services. (YOUR Testimony Form)
YOur message will help to inspire and empower others too.

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