Great Experience for Young Adults

Alot of young adults volunteer their time with us to help with serving and distributing the food to people in need. They see it as a way to give back to their community, to be apart of something bigger than themselves, to interact with people from different diverse cultures and walks of life. Serving others…

Feeding, Clothing & Unifying the Community

We are living in trying times right now but it does not have to live inside us. If we unify and help each other, we can get through this together. I so this to help and to achieve unification within the community by providing hot, deliciously, cooked meals along with providing warm clothing items. It…

Quality Bonding Time With Family, Friends & Community

Sharing quality time and bonding with like minded people is rewarding, especially when your on the same mission. I strive to make my food stations & business not only a necessity but also an enjoyable memorable experience. A community is only as strong as you make it. I want everyone to feel included, as if…

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